Account in a German Bank N26


Bank N26 offers a free account in euro with a payment card and free transfers (standard version). You can open an account in a German Bank N26 online, without leaving your home, wherever you live.

Account in a German Bank N26

N26 is a German bank that operates exclusively on the Internet. The idea behind the creators of N26 was to create a financial institution available to clients regardless of their country of residence. As you know, the currency in Germany is € euro, so the N26 accounts are kept in euro.

What is an account in a German Bank N26

The main advantage of N26 is the fact that it is a full-fledged bank, subject to banking law and bank regulators in the Federal Republic of Germany. Therefore, the funds accumulated on bank accounts in N26 are secured by guarantees of the German equivalent of our Bank Guarantee Fund.

However, the bank does not have any stationary outlet where it would serve clients. All banking operations are carried out online. We can use the account both on a web browser and on a mobile phone application.

How to open an account in a German Bank N26

In order to open a personal account in a foreign bank, you no longer need to have permanent residence in a given country. An account in a German bank N26 is also available for people residing in other countries. Of course, banks are still required to verify the identity of their clients.

However, thanks to technological advances, it is also possible at a distance. Personal contact or a visit to a branch of a given bank is no longer necessary.

The first step to open an account with a German bank will be to click the link that will take you to the bank’s official website. There will be information that someone invited you to create an account. I am a satisfied client of the bank, so I put my referral link on the website.

Get free N26 account

The process of registration and identity verification is very simple and intuitive. After going to the next screen, we will be able to choose the language we use. We can choose from German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Don’t worry if your language is not on the list. If you can use one of the above-mentioned languages on a basic degree, you should not have any problem to complete the application.

The graphic below shows the account creation process in a few basic steps. At a later stage, you will be asked to verify our e-mail address and mobile phone number. In order to verify identity with a mobile phone camera, you take a photo of an identity document and a photo of your face (selfie).

Get free bank online account

Finally, you set a password to access your account, and order a payment card. In the additional information section, you can enter the code of the person who recommended you to the bank. I encourage you to use my referral code: andrzejr2905

Advantages of an account in a German Bank N26

The biggest benefits of the N26 bank account include no fees (in the basic version) for account maintenance and payment card service. The account is kept in euro, so you can make payments with your card throughout the Euro Zone without currency conversion costs.

People often decide to open a bank account in a foreign bank, when they run an international business. Thanks to this, your payment prices and cashflow is more flexible. Keeping money in more than one country is safer too.

Polish version of this article available at: Konto w niemieckim Banku N26

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