Earning Money with Google


When looking for effective and proven ways to earn money on the Internet, you can come across numerous methods of generating earnings. Most of them are prepared for people who have their own website or who run a personal blog. In today’s article, I will describe earning money with Google AdSense.

Earning Money with Google

To become an internet entrepreneur, it’s worth having your own website. The mere fact of having a website, however, will not bring income. On the blog we describe other methods of earning money on the global network.

How to start earning money with Google

In order to be able to publish ads on your own website and earn money with Google, you must register to the AdSense program. It will allow you to access configuration options and – most importantly – generate a special advertising code. The code placed on our website causes the display of advertisements provided by Google.

As you can guess, when a user clicks them, a certain amount of money will be added to our AdSense account. The amount of the rate depends on the size of the ad unit, its location and the commission set by the advertiser.

How much you can earn with Google Ads

We must also remember that Google charges its commission for handling and preparing ads for publication. Currently, Google’s commission is 32%. This means that as a person providing promotional material to the advertiser, we can earn 68% of the cost incurred by him

Suppose a company or organization chooses to spend $ 1 per ad unit click. Google will keep 32 cents of this amount for itself, while 68 cents will be transferred to the owner of the site, which in this case is us. The prerequisite is, of course, that you click on an ad on our website.

Earning money with Google, types of ads and monetization

A significant advantage of Google AdSense is its position on the market. What distinguishes the Google platform from other websites offering similar online earning methods is the ability to choose responsive banners. These are advertisements that perfectly match the size of the user’s screen or display. Thanks to this, the advertisement will not only be legible, but will also have a better chance of arousing the interest of the consumer.

The solution for which the Google service is praised by users is an extensive, comprehensive and extremely transparent analytical module. So we will not only be able to learn about the trends in earnings generated in a given period of time, but we will also be able to determine which ad units generate the highest profits and at what times users are most willing to display a given promotional material.

This will allow us to better adjust the placement of advertisements to the expectations of consumers, and thus – generate more profits from the website or blog.

How to increase your blog traffic for earning money with Google

Firstly, you must ensure that the website contains valuable content. I mean information that the Internet user will want to become familiar with. Properly selected content will attract constantly growing traffic. For this purpose, it is best to develop a page closely related to our interests. In this case, we can safely say that we are experts or people who are above average in a given field.

By ensuring that information that may be of interest to users is published on a regular basis, we greatly increase the likelihood that Internet users will be willing to click on an ad unit. Each click generates profit for us and supports the further development of the project. It’s also worth considering why you need internet marketing.

Importantly, at some point there will be so much material on our website or blog that they should start to generate passive income. This means that the time and commitment we put in once will generate income for us for a long period of time (sometimes even until the end of the website / blog).

Summary of earning money with Google

As you can see, all those interested in earning money online should consider supplementing their website with Google Ads. They are usually intrusive and will not have a negative impact on the layout of our website. In addition, they can easily help us repair the home budget. This solution can be used even by people whose IT knowledge is quite poor. All you need to do is generate the AdSense user code, paste it in the right place on the page … and it’s ready! Getting paid for Google Ads becomes a fact.

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