What is Digital Marketing


With the development of the Internet, completely new forms of marketing have been introduced. The increasing number of devices and platforms used to connect and share content has ushered in the era of internet marketing. In this article I will answer the question of what is digital marketing and what are the two basic types of online promotions activities.

what is digital marketing
What is digital marketing

Modern technologies have completely changed the way people communicate and have contributed to the creation of a global market. In the digital world, you can reach your existing customers and easily acquire new ones.

What is digital marketing – definition

The most common definition describes digital marketing as the use of modern media or digital technology to achieve marketing and business goals. In short, it is conducting marketing activities using modern technologies.

This also includes mobile technologies and digital billboards. However, today’s internet marketing, as the name suggests, is based mainly on the presence on the Internet. However, social media and search engines play a very important role here too.

By using the appropriate tools, digital marketers can create and implement an advertising campaign on an ongoing basis. Real-time tracking of marketing activities is also a huge advantage.

Types of digital marketing

There are two main types of marketing: outbound and inbound. Both methods may seem very similar. However, there is a fundamental difference between them. Outbound marketing focuses on making potential customers aware of the product or service. On the other side, inbound marketing is aimed at people who are already aware of the product, not necessarily ours.

Outbound marketing is mainly about “sending” large amounts of information about a product or service to a wide audience.

This can be done by quickly spreading information about the product or service covered by the campaign to the target audience. Usually, visual banners or video formats are used for this. The idea is for people to remember the product. This is called encouraging the memory of the product that is achieved through repetition.

This is a more traditional way of doing marketing. The rule is simple, you have a specific message and try to send it to as many recipients as possible. This concept applies to both internet and traditional marketing.

Inbound marketing is an attempt to attract potential customers to a brand or service with interesting content. It is about attracting and engaging people who are already basically interested in the goods or service you offer.

Effective inbound marketing allows potential customers to find your product or service through various channels. The marketing campaigns use blogs, vlogs, e-mail subscriptions or the so-called word of mouth marketing.

Social media marketing

Social media plays a large role in inbound marketing. Entrepreneurs around the world realize how important social media is in business. Therefore, having a company profile on Facebook or a LinkedIn account has become the norm.

The search engine optimization should also be mentioned here. Properly applied SEO will make our blog attractive and your websites appear higher in search engine result propositions (SERP).

What is digital marketing and why it is effective

In today’s world of global economy, marketing is one of the most important elements of business activity. On the other hand, it is important that the funds allocated to promotion and advertising provide an adequate return on investment (ROI).

Inbound marketing is becoming more and more popular as it allows you to achieve a high return on investment. This is because it is based on content tailored to specific users who were usually already interested in them before.

The biggest advantage of inbound marketing is the so-called user intent, which means that the audience is essentially intrinsically motivated to find your product or service. The consumer’s action in this case results from his personal needs.

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