Curve Card Promo Code


If you have more than one credit or debit card, the Curve Card will definitely come in handy. The exact principle of operation and advantages of the card are described below. The Curve Card promo code, also offers an attractive financial start bonus.

Curve Card Promo Code

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What is Curve card

Curve is a debit payment card that also has many additional features. The main advantage of the card and the compatible application is the ability to use other cards with it.

Thanks to this, you no longer have to carry them with you, and still use them. To find out how this is possible, see the rest of this article.

How the Curve card works

The Curve application is a kind of hub or connector for other payment, debit or credit cards. Each payment card that will be added to the application can be used for any transaction made with the Curve card.

Aplication Curve

>> Get £10 bonus to spend with Curve <<

In this way, one payment card can replace several or even several dozen other debit and credit cards. Before making the transaction, all you need is to select the card that you currently want to use in the application, and then make the payment using the Curve card.

The funds will then be deducted from the currently selected card. This is a very useful feature, especially when shopping in a foreign currency.

However, if we do not have a multi-currency card, the Curve application will convert the amount spent at a very favorable exchange rate.

Curve card promo code for new customers

British Fin-Tech has also prepared an attractive promotion for new customers. Each person who orders the card and then makes one transaction with it will receive a bonus of GBP 10.

The funds will be credited to your main Curve account and can be used at any time. The Curve card can also be used as a standard payment card. This means that you have to assign other cards to it.

However, to use the Curve card itself to perform payment transactions, you will need to have free funds on it.

How to top up the Curve card

Curve is not designed to hold money, and is not a typical prepaid card. Therefore, there is no easy way to top it up. However, many users can accumulate quite large sums on the card.

Referral program

One of the main ways to top up your Curve card is through the referral program. Depending on the current Curve card promo code, you can get a few extra pounds for each referred client.

These funds then go to your in-app account and can be used in any way.

Cash back

The cash back service is the return of a small percentage of the money spent on purchases. Currently, in the Curve application, we can count on a refund of 1% of the funds spent. Refunds will also be credited to your Curve account.

The feature is available to all new customers for 30 days with the free blue plan, and all the time for paid tariff plans.

Safety of using the Curve card

Thanks to one Curve card, we can leave all our other cards at home, thus avoiding their loss or theft. Ordering an additional card from a bank is very cumbersome and often also expensive. Therefore, keeping your credit and debit cards in a safe place is highly recommended.

The Curve card works with Google Pay and Apple Pay. Therefore, you don’t even need to have a physical Curve card with you. All payments can be made using a phone that supports a virtual wallet.

A great feature that improves the safety of use is the ability to freeze the card. Only one card at a time can be active in the application. Therefore, it is a good practice to activate the selected card only when making a transaction with it.

How to get the Curve card

To get the Curve card, you just need to install a Curve Card promo code application on the phone and then register a new user. The entire installation and user registration process is very simple and transparent.

In the last step, we order a physical card, which will be delivered to the address indicated in the application. We currently have a choice of three different tariff plans. For starters, I suggest using the basic blue plan, which is free. You will be able to easily upgrade to a higher plan at any time, and thus receive additional benefits from using the card.

You can find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to order a Curve card in our article; How to use a Curve Card

Advantages of the Curve card

Some basic advantages of using the Curve card are already mentioned in the article. Below you will find some additional benefits of using the card.

  • free card in the basic version
  • easy-to-use mobile application
  • possibility of “hooking” multiple cards
  • no additional costs for currency payments
  • buyer protection program

Bad points of the Curve Card promo code

The Curve Promotion Card is a great tool to manage your payments. However, like everything, it also has its weaknesses. The good news is that they mainly concern the free tariff plan.

  • spending limits with the free package
  • you must have an internet connection on your phone to change the active card
  • cash back is mainly available for higher tariff plans

Summary of the Curve card promo code

Using the Curve app allows you to better manage your debit and credit card expenses. One of the functions of the application is assigning expenses to various thematic categories.

The basic version of the card will be enough to start with to get to know all the functions of the Curve website. More demanding people can use one of the paid versions of the card.

They offer additional benefits such as cash back, for example. Therefore, with large expenses, the cost of the monthly subscription should more than pay off the user.

If you prefer Polish language, you can read the article at: Karta Curve Promocja

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