Bank Account in Germany


Thanks to joining our country to the European community, we can use many amenities. Today you can easily open a bank account in Germany or another European country. All you need is an ID card or passport and Internet access.

Bank account in Gernamy

To open a bank account in the German N26 Bank, simply complete a short application on the bank’s website. The next step is to confirm the identity of the person submitting the application. This is done during a short video conversation with a bank representative.

The interview can be conducted using a smartphone or a computer equipped with a webcam. The bank’s employees who verify the identity of customers, unfortunately, do not speak every language, however, we can choose from several languages, including English. Basic knowledge of a foreign language is sufficient to carry out the verification.

During the conversation, you must confirm your personal data and present an identity document to the camera. The bank’s computer system reads the data and compares it with those you enter in the application. Finally, you will confirm the conclusion of the contract by entering the special code received in the SMS.

Why open a bank account in Germany

There can be many reasons for opening a bank account abroad. We have been living in a lot of uncertainty for some time. It’s worth taking care of your money and not keeping all your savings in one place. Although all banks in most of the countries have deposit guarantees, the stability of many currencies leaves much to be desired

People with large debts also decide to have a bank account at the German N26 Bank. In order to protect yourself from the actions of the bailiff, you can transfer some funds to a foreign account. Thanks to this, you will have constant access to our money, and you can pay off debts on our own terms.

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