7 New Ways To Get Backlinks

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Gaining inbound links to your website can be very frustrating. It requires a lot of time, a lot of work and patience. In this article, you will find seven effective ways to get backlinks.

How the search engine works

The time of simple search engine optimization is over. For effective website positioning, it is not enough to place your URL anywhere on the Internet. In order for backlinks to achieve the intended result, they must have certain parameters. An additional difficulty is the frequent changes in search engine algorithms, aimed at eliminating abuses related to website positioning.

Backlinks buildings, is one of the easiest techniques to increase organic traffic to your website. A site that has many links from elsewhere is highly rated by search engines and gets more traffic. However, according to the new rules, search engine algorithms mainly take into account the so-called valuable links from websites related thematically. Of course, this is not the only rule for creating a valuable link.

The detailed principles of operation of search engine algorithms are a closely guarded secret of their creators. However, general guidelines can be found, for example, in guides published by Google specialists. You can find some valuable tips on website positioning there. However, the overall message is that website owners and SEO specialists should work hard and persistently, which will result in building a network of valuable inbound links, over the long term.

What exactly is, and how to get backlink

A backlink, also known as an inbound link, is a link to your website placed on any other website. Link can be located anywhere on a website, blog or social media. Links have so-called attribute, that tells search engine robots how to treat a given link.

The two primary link attributes are dofollow and nofollow. The links marked with the “dofollow” attribute are the most valuable. They have the greatest impact on the website positioning. On the other hand, a link with the “nofollo” attribute tells the search engine robot not to follow it. Due to the widespread use of the “nofollow” attribute, for example by social networking sites, the creators of the Google search engine, changed the approach to this type of links a bit, giving them some value. It is not publicly known, how exactly this will affect the positioning of the linked pages.

Many valuable backlinks undoubtedly improves the website ranking and visibility in search engines. That is why you will find a lot of advice on the Internet on how to get incoming links. Unfortunately, traditional methods sometimes don’t work anymore. Below you will find some less popular, but very effective ways that follow the latest Google guidelines.

1. Ways to get backlinks, be creative

Working on backlinks should not be considered a one-time project. As mentioned before, this is a long process. So you need to create an appropriate strategy. Setting a specific goal definitely helps in achieving it. Very often great ideas will come to your mind, while creation the plan. It is important to note down everything and create the final plan in the form of a paper or electronic document.

Being creative in getting inbound links means creating new circumstances or opportunities to gain your links. If you have broad knowledge in a particular area, it may be worth sharing it on a separate blog, created specifically for that purpose. Remember that each additional domain or page linking to your website, increases its position and credibility.

2. Encourage your business partners to link to your website

Most professional copywriters or freelancers have an extensive portfolio, to present their best works. If your website was designed by another company or an independent freelancer, offer to include it in the client’s portfolio. The return link obtained in this way will also be an additional opportunity for you, to gain new customers.

Do you have articles on your website created by a professional copywriter? In this case, you can also propose to the contractor, placing a link to his work. The same with various types of graphics, or even your logo. Make use of the popularity of other people, in most cases it will be a win-win situation for both parties.

3. Ways to get backlinks, guest article

Publication guest posts is one of the best ways to share your knowledge. You will also generate high-quality backlinks. Posting an article on an external domain requires, of course, some negotiation and arrangements by both parties. The content and technical details of the published article, should correspond to the subject of the host site.

An additional benefit of guest posts is the creation of business relationships. A high-quality article will also allow you to build an image of an expert in a given field. Publishing guest posts on a site with high organic traffic, will increase the number of visits, also on your blog.

4. Networking and ways to get backlinks

Most successful people in business say, that networking has been a vital part of their development and eventual success. Thanks to social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn, business contacts have entered a whole new level.

Therefore, if you do not have a business profile in social media yet, it is worth setting it up as soon as possible. You don’t need to link to the website in every post you publish. However, it is also one of the ways to get backlinks. Note that outbound links from Facebook have the “nofollow” attribute, but LinkedIn does not use this command.

Networking in the broad sense, can be beneficial to all people involved. It allows you to expand the group of potential customers or contractors. Earning valuable backlinks to your website, can be treated as a positive side effect of networking.

5. Ways to get backlinks by sharing content

When you create valuable content for your blog or social media profiles, encourage your readers to share it. Disseminating your knowledge on the Internet is an excellent opportunity to get additional backlinks.

Make sure that every published content has a call to action (CTA). In this case, it will be asking your audience to share your content. This is not of course about illegal copying and publishing content as yours.

6. Refer to other valuable content

I know this tip may seem a little strange on the surface, and it doesn’t really fit in with this statement. After all, we mean creating backlinks, not outgoing links. However, when your article describes the benefits of a favorite program or tool, the developer of that application may be interested in linking to our post.

This way of getting inbound links is a bit like creating sponsored articles, but it does not require the prior agreement of the parties. Success in the form of a gained link is not guaranteed this time.

7. Cooperate on various projects

Collaborative projects are a great way to create backlinks, and at the same time have an additional opportunity to reach a wider audience. The business contacts established in this way can be beneficial for all participants.

Fair link exchange will improve the ranking of all project participants. The additional traffic gained thanks to that, will convert into the improvement of your company’s financial results.

Ways to get backlinks – summary

Getting backlinks is considered a long, tedious process. In this case, I would suggest focusing more on quality than quantity. Sometimes one high-quality link raises your ranking more than hundreds of random or junk links. Some links may even be harmful. These are the so-called toxic links, that should be avoided and removed if possible

In the process of acquiring backlinks, the principle of wise rather than hard work will be perfect. Google’s experts, in their latest guidelines, recommend earning links rather than creating them. This is a return to the original idea of ​​linking, and means that naturally acquired links will be of much greater value.

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