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With the development of modern ICT technologies, new ways of reaching potential customers or consumers have appeared. We have various digital marketing tools to use. In this article, you will learn which internet tools are worth using and what to consider when choosing the optimal solution.

digital marketing tools

Start with a good plan

When planning a marketing campaign, we must take into account many factors. One of the important elements of the plan, is the budget that the company intends to spend on the campaign. Working within the budget, marketers develop a strategy and select the best internet marketing tools.

One of the elements of the strategy is market research, which allows you to define the target market, and choose the appropriate marketing communication channel. Depending on the goal, one or several digital tools are used.

Selection of the digital marketing tools

Internet marketing specialists have many choices in relation to digital marketing tools. Digital channels are divided into outbound and inbound. Outbound marketing, is mainly used for the traditional form of advertising. The outbound marketing tools include TV, radio and press advertising, as well as banners and billboards placed on roads and on buildings.

Modern forms of communication are mainly used by inbound marketing. It is about trying to attract potential customers with interesting content. You can find the exact definition of both marketing channels in the article “what is digital marketing”.

In this article, we will only focus on internet marketing tools. Further on, you will find the types and definitions of the available digital marketing channels. They include: e-mail marketing, paid search, organic traffic, website optimization, display advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing. Some above-mentioned methods are complementary, such as SEO and content marketing, while others may work more independently, such as paid search.

Email Marketing

A marketing communication channel that uses e-mail to deliver advertisements, offers and other marketing content is called e-mail marketing. Messages sent through this medium are designed to reach customers at the right time with the right information to encourage them to take a valuable action, e.g. to buy a good or service.

A typical goal of email marketing, is to increase interest in a brand or product and to increase the conversion mentioned above. Messages are also sent for the purpose of keeping the customers involved by informing them about new products, or by providing valuable content.

Paid search as a digital marketing tool

When looking for a solution to a problem or answers to our questions, we enter a specific phrase into the search engine. In response, we get a long list of SERPs (search engine results pages). This is a list of websites that the search engine algorithm consider, the best suits our needs. Very often, at the very top of the list, there are items preceded by the word Ad. This is an example of a paid search

Paid search, also known as PPC (pay-per-click), allows you to get high value traffic. The user actively searches for a phrase directly related to his “problem” when entering our website, and is ready to take action, such as conversion.

Using PPC often puts your website at the top of the list of search results. The condition is to select a specific keyword and to set a sufficiently high rate for a single click. Unfortunately, unwise use of this technique can drain your budget completely. Visits to your website are guaranteed, but the purchase of the product or service itself is not. It depends on many other factors.

On the Google Ads platform, there is also a display network, that we can target directly to interested recipients. Display advertising consists in displaying a specially prepared advertising banner on the websites of other Google partners.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an element of the gaining customer strategy by interesting content. Well-chosen and targeted content, increases brand awareness and customer trust. Providing high-quality content builds a positive brand image and ensures greater customer engagement. The key to success is solving the user’s problems, so content creators should focus mainly on this job.

Content creation can be used at any stage of the so-called buyer’s journey. By providing content that is relevant to a specific circumstance, you will maintain constant contact with the user, which will ultimately improve the level of conversion.

Organic traffic and SEO

When creating content, pay special attention to optimizing it for search engines. The implementation of appropriate SEO techniques (search engine optimization) on the website, will allow you to obtain the so-called organic traffic, wrongly sometimes called free.

Preparation of valuable content requires a lot of time and effort. Writing texts is often commissioned to a professional copywriter, but publishing them in accordance with SEO principles requires the participation of a webmaster. It is true that we will ultimately gain traffic on a blog or website without paying for clicks, but creating content and placing it on the website will require specific costs.

Website optimization is essential to create an environment in which users will be able to interact with content, and take a valuable action, such as purchasing. Thanks to well-conducted optimization, your website might be positioned effectively, may reach a high position in search results. In addition to valuable content, you should also pay attention to the speed of the website and intuitive navigation. More information about website positioning can be found in the article “What is website positioning”.

Social media – digital marketing tools

When it comes to building awareness and interest, social media is perfect for that. Again, this is done by creating content and generating user engagement. Ads in social media can be personalized and targeted precisely at a selected target group.

Social channels can also be used at any stage of the buyer’s journey. Keeping a company profile can be an additional element of building brand awareness. You can place there basic information about the company, offer or news. On the other hand, paid advertising, also available on social media platforms, will allow you to quickly get conversion.

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