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The digital space has no limits and allows you to reach customers all over the world. However, to reap benefits in the new economy, you need very specific digital marketing skills. In this post, you will read about a few basic competences that a digital marketer should have.

Digital Marketing Skills

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Companies spend more and more money on online marketing activities, slowly giving up traditional forms of promotion. Therefore, the demand for internet marketing specialists is constantly growing. Additionally, the digital marketing industry is developing rapidly, creating newer and newer marketing communication channels.

Whether you are a business owner, a young professional looking for your chance in internet marketing, there are many digital marketing skills that you should have. Some of them are listed below.

Analytical skills

One of the biggest benefits of using various internet marketing tools is the ability to accurately measure the effects of the actions taken. Acquiring data in real time allows you to instantly evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented strategies, and to introduce any corrections.

Accurate measurements and optimization are a very effective tool in the hands of an efficient employee of the Internet marketing department. However, the digital marketing skills are not only measuring website traffic or determining the profitability of a Google Ads campaign.

Thanks to a deep analysis of the collected data, we can precisely define the target market or identify current trends. The analysing data and creating appropriate conclusions is more valuable today than ever before.

Therefore, if you are just planning your career as a digital marketing specialist, consider specializing in data analytics. No matter what position you will ultimately work in, your analytical skills will be a very well paid.

Managing paid advertising campaigns

The times when high organic traffic on social media and search engines was easy to achieve are gone forever. Today, the skills alone are not enough to be successful in the digital industry. A financial investment is also needed.

Of course, this does not mean that creating valuable content is no longer necessary, I would say that, the opposite is true. An internet marketing specialist should have skills in both, paid and earned media.

Very often, the best results are achieved in advertising campaigns that combine paid, own and organic elements. Although some specialists have announced the imminent end of free customer acquisition on the Internet, it didn’t happen yet. The mythical cutting of reach by social media is rather an attempt to force improvement of the quality of published content.

There is simply a lot of competition on the Internet, and only the best, or the greatest, can benefit from completely free traffic. The professional digital marketing skills should be comprehensive, allowing you to cooperate with every client, even those who are just starting their business.

Content creation is one of the digital marketing skills

The content is king, everyone knows that. The operating of most websites is based on creating and sharing content. However, the mere creation of grammatically and stylistically correct texts is no longer enough. What is important is the message or the emotional aspect contained in the text.

To stand out among hundreds of millions of websites, you need to be a good storyteller. Storytelling, is the best way to get the reader’s attention. The important digital marketing skills is telling interesting stories in the right communication channel and at the right time.

They say that great storytellers are not born, they are created. There is probably something to it, but not everyone has the gift. If you want to create stories that appeal to your audience, learn from the masters. Check how the best brands tell their stories

Digital marketing skills in social media

Knowing how social media works is one of the basic skills of an internet marketing specialist. If you have not used Facebook, Twister or LinkedIn personally so far, you probably do not realize their potential.

Social platforms are crucial when it comes to building relationships with your customers. This is a very important element in creating the complex marketing strategy, which consists in leading the client through all stages of the marketing funnel.

The best way to get to know the specifics of individual social media platforms is to join them and actively participate. Major social networks offer special accounts, typically designed for business purposes. For example, having a personal profile on the Facebook, you can additionally create a company page, called a Fanpage.

Summary of the digital marketing skills

The short list of competences presented above is not complete. It does not contain such obvious skills like search engine optimization, or creating websites. The article was rather intended to outline the general framework of work in the internet marketing department

It is also an attempt to identify the upcoming trends and changes in the approach to digital marketing. If I were to choose only one of the digital marketing skills mentioned above, it would be the analytical skills that I think every marketing specialist should have.

You can this article in Polish at: Umiejętności specjalisty od marketingu internetowego.

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