Digital and traditional marketing advantages


Digital marketing is the latest trend in marketing. It is a marketing approach that uses digital technologies to communicate with the customers or the public. Online marketing is fast-evolving and becoming more and more accessible to the marketers. Social media marketing is a form of marketing that can be performed through different social media such Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Every form of digital marketing or social media marketing have their advantages and disadvantages.

Digital and traditional marketing advantages

Advantages of digital marketing

Digital marketing is more accessible than traditional marketing- because digital marketing is available anytime via internet or mobile phones. A digital marketer has much greater freedom than a traditional advertising. You can choose where to advertise and which type of technology to use for advertising. Traditional marketers are usually restricted to using television, newspapers and other kinds of media for advertising their products or services. However, digital technology has made it easy for both types of marketers to promote their products and services to the consumers.

Digital marketing can be performed from anywhere- since digital marketing uses internet or mobile phones, it can be performed from anywhere with an internet connection and a phone connection. Both digital marketers and advertisers can easily reach their target audiences without any restrictions. For instance, if an advertiser wants to promote his business in New York City, he can easily do that without any limits. On the other hand, if a marketing agency wants to promote its client’s business in a rural area of Kansas, it can easily do that without any limits either. Digital marketing makes it easy for both businesses and consumers to reach each other anywhere in the world with minimum efforts invested in both ways.

Social media for business

Social media can be used to promote a digital marketing campaign. Some social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are prefect platforms for digital marketers to build strong customer relationships or viral web campaigns. Digital marketers can use these social media platforms as communication tools between businesses and consumers. The social media platforms allow both parties to broadcast information directly to each other via text messages, emails or voice messages. This direct communication between businesses and consumers allows both parties to share their needs, feedbacks, problems and ideas with each other for creating brand-new products or services. Thanks to this sharing, both businesses and consumers achieve their goals with ease.

Digital marketing has become a popular approach in modern day marketing due to its great advantages such as accessibility, portability and social capability. However, both digital marketing and traditional media marketing have their strengths. Digital marketing is fast-evolving while the old media marketing is accessible through different media such as television, newspapers, magazines and online platforms. Therefore, marketers should use both approaches for better results in building their business empires!

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