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While many people believe email marketing is a thing of the past, many studies have found it to be one of the most powerful marketing tools. The average click-through rate is much higher than it is, for example, on social media channels. In this article, you will learn about advantages of digital marketing automation.

Online marketing automation

Useful marketing tools

Because email is such a powerful marketing tool, it’s important for businesses to stay up to date with the organization and maintenance of email inboxes. However, it is not just about simple receiving and sending messages. Email applications also need to be able to seamlessly integrate with customer base management (CRM) platforms and coordinate them with many other tasks, such as workflow management, analytics, content creation, and company website management.

Trying to organize electronic mail without the use of modern automation tools would probably be impossible for most companies. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities, both for marketers involved in ad campaigns and for other departments in each enterprise. This applies to both small entrepreneurs and large and medium-sized companies. Thanks to the use of advanced digital tools, managers at every level can plan and perform all marketing activities on a much larger scale.

Below, we present a summary of the basic benefits of using automation tools, as well as some examples of the most popular solutions.

Advantages of digital marketing automation

There are tools on the market today that can do wonders in terms of targeting and market segmentation. Two of the most important activities that are an integral part of today’s digital marketing strategies are handled by special programs for us. They can also help you to streamline various other activities and link them into specific processes, This will help frame the workflow and organization of tasks in the company.

Below, we present examples of activities that even the simplest and cheapest marketing automation tools can perform for us.

  • E-mail marketing is about using e-mail not only to reach current customers, but also to initiate sales or send notifications about important company events.
  • Social media automation can provide cross-platform integration, thus building your customer base and brand awareness.
  • Analytics tools allow you to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns using the most reliable and meaningful metrics.

Marketing automation saves time and money

Social media itself can take a lot of time and energy. However, when you take advantage of a properly crafted roadmap, you can not only post more frequently, but also monitor the effectiveness of these posts. For this purpose, use advanced tools for planning social media campaigns.

After collecting more data about the audience of your content, you can use tools to reduce the time to reach them with new information, and keep track of your actions, segment lists and identify the most valuable traffic. Most of the tools available on the market also offer easy integration with CRM (customer relationship management) platforms.

Monitoring and automatic data analysis

While there are many free and extremely useful website traffic tracking and analysis tools, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights – most of them only provide basic information about traffic and audiences.

Modern marketing automation tools let you gain much better insight into key data. For example, the most important indicators of advertising campaigns (KPIs), which are directly related to your sales activities, allow you to accurately determine the profitability of a given investment.

The best part is that campaigns can be tracked in real time, allowing you to quickly adjust the actions you take. All data is stored in one place, which allows you to easily generate reports and statistics.

How to use marketing automation to build brand awareness

Building brand awareness and trust requires a lot of time and work. The larger the group of people you can reach in an easy and cheap way, the greater the chance of acquiring potential customers and later converting traffic.

In general, the more recognizable your brand is over the long term, the more your customers will recognize your products or services. This is because customers know what to expect from you, and from your business. So as soon as they see something from you in their inbox or on your social media profile, their interest is aroused.

Marketing automation tools can help you create consistency in your message, and thus build audience loyalty. It is important here to cultivate visibility through multiple channels.

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