Audience Research

Determine makeup, habits, interest communities, And the density in the audience.

Even in the wealthiest countries, most people are not regular Internet users. Although the proportion of the population using the Internet has been growing rapidly, the growth rate will definitely slow down. By 2005, I would be surprised if as many as 90% of the population of any country were regular Internet users-unless computers became easier to use.

When less than 90% of the population uses media, it is dangerous to conduct surveys and expect non-users to give the same answers so that everyone’s results are correct. This is why telephone surveys were not widely used until the 1980s. In the wealthiest countries, approximately 90% of households own a telephone. It took 100 years for the phone to reach this coverage.

The popularity of the Internet has been much faster, but in the next few years, any survey conducted on the Internet must be based on specific groups of people who already use the Internet.

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