The key role of trademark registration in effective online marketing

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Protecting the web domain, avoiding competitive bidding on search engines and preventing infringement on social media represent key practical aspects through which trademark registration can boost online marketing presence and effectiveness of online marketing. This article has been prepared in collaboration with Trama, a global trademark one-stop-shop.

The key role of trademark registration in effective online marketing

1. Web Domain

The domain name undoubtedly plays a central role in allowing the consumers to find and return to their favourite company. It is the combination of the domain name’s simplicity and consumers’ ability to recall the name that foster this behaviour. As a result, the existence of similar domain names undermines the effectiveness of online marketing. Another trend that has emerged over the last decades is cyber-squatting, referring to a purposeful purchase of a popular domain name by a third party with the sole goal of reselling it to entrepreneurs who are desperately willing to obtain the given domain name.

Trademark registration offers a simple, yet effective, solution for these issues. Since a registered trademark protects against infringement attempts faced from identical as well as similar brands, it is the act of trademark registration that offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to effectively deal with cyber-squatting as well as shutting down similar domains. As a result, the traffic is directed solely to the company, maximising the conversion potential.

One of the largest domain and web hosting providers, GoDaddy, leads the way in enforcing these brand protection rights, having already implemented an automated conflict resolution procedures. This means that protecting your domain with GoDaddy is a mere matter of supplying the evidence of trademark registration and the provider will take care of the rest. More strenuous, yet still highly effective way, can be found in domain resolution services offered by brand protection specialists.

2. Search engine

Online search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, have grown into prominence and the vast majority of the website traffic is often derived from search results. Whether it is a paid advertisement or organic search result that is the most important for you, competitive practices pursued by your rivals may revolve around using keywords containing your brand name or slogan. This effectively means that consumers searching for your brand may easily end up on your competitor’s website.

Google accounts for 80-90% of all search requests in most of the countries and it is Google that leads the way in protecting the intellectual property rights. An automated conflict resolution services has been launched across all associated services, including Youtube. As a result, reporting and resolving a brand infringement issue is very simple. Moreover, Google proactively protects registered trademarks, ensuring that these words or phrases cannot be used as keywords or ad content.

3. Social Media

Company’s presence on social media represents another key facet of an effective online marketing strategy. However, similarly to the case of domain names, copycats and cyber-squatters also occupy the space of social media, with fake profiles being set up on a daily basis. Consequently, your ideal page or profile may be already taken (cyber-squatting) or a copycat may be trying to benefit from the good reputation associated with your brand by setting up a profile with a similar name. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, do offer automated conflict resolution services, making sure that the legal rights of owners of registered trademarks are respected. This may take the form of claiming a profile name or shutting down a copycat account with just a few clicks.

Still need more reasons?

Brand is arguably the most important asset of virtually any business as it communicates the values and quality to the end customers. Trademark registration offers an effective solution for the protection of this key asset, making sure that potential infringement attempts of competitors can be dealt with quickly and easily. Moreover, it communicates the trust and commitment towards external partners. An example can be made of Amazon which requires trademark registration in order for its retailers to benefit from the advantages offered by Amazon Brand Registry.

Don’t know where to start?

Trademark one-stop-shop Trama follows its mission of protecting the heart & soul of businesses through simple, fast and affordable trademark registration. It is the belief of its founder, Igor Demcak, that “every brand deserves to be protected.” This team of experienced trademark attorneys together with technological innovators has developed a unique solution that simplifies otherwise often complicated process. Trademark registration with Trama starts with a free lawyer’s check, making sure that the brand meets all the requirements for it to be successfully registered. Consequent guidance and fast processing is offered to clients in over 20 countries, including Ireland, United Kingdom, European Union, United States, China and numerous others.

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